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MURA: Glocal, Open, Nice!

2011年 02月 16日(水) - 村内のぶひろ

ガーディアンの中の 「The Open University」
04.経営・仕事 , 06.Open University , 07.英語・中国語 , 21.訪れたサイト全一覧(バックナンバー)

The Open Universityオープン・ユニバーシティ
オープン・ユニバーシティ(The Open University)
- 日本語サイト
イギリスの新聞 「ガーディアン(The Guardian)」のサイトに
今僕が MBAコースへの入学を目指している
中学生英語ぐらいのレベルw なので、


Open University may be in its 40s – but students are getting younger
3 Jan 2011: Milton Keynes-based university attracts under-25s seeking part-time study and lower tuition fees

Open University celebrates broadcasting milestone
2 Jan 2011: The Open University celebrates the 40th anniversary of its first lecture to be broadcast on BBC television.

Mark Pittaway obituary
22 Nov 2010: Eminent scholar of contemporary Hungary

Distance learning: good on costs, not so good for social cohesion
6 Jul 2010: The danger of distance learning is that it may make second-class citizens of students who choose it

Young students flock to the OU
29 Jun 2010: A quarter of the Open University's new students are aged 17 to 25. Why the sudden surge in popularity?

Open University learning is a joy
18 Jun 2010: Jules Horne: It may not have the nightlife but as a way of accessing a flexible, quality education, I've found the Open University can't be beaten

Adult learning is not an optional extra
18 May 2010: There is no clarity on how far the new coalition government will support adult learning – but it is as much of a priority as ever, argues Alan Tuckett

Distance learning provided training for would-be nurses in remote regions
20 Apr 2010: Remote areas still need nurses – but how can they do their training? The Open University provides a way

Pitmen can inspire adult education
19 Sep 2009: Letters: The Pitmen Painters shows how to express the creative energy of working people

BBC to launch new TV drama for Bangladesh
23 Aug 2009: Series brings together World Service Trust and Open University to promote English language skills

News Innovation: Tony Hirst of Open University
10 Jul 2009: At the News Innovation conference in London, Tony Hirst of Open University says he wants to find a way for academics and technologists 'to engage with the news process'

British developer wins in TV 2.0 apps competition
26 Jun 2009: A British developer won the people's choice award in a contest to build applications for open-source video service Boxee

The Open University – 40 today, and a genius for our times
24 Jun 2009: The OU's concept of distance learning began a genuine revolution in access to higher education that continues four decades on

Drop-out students get help to finish their degrees at home
24 Jun 2009: £12m fund will give them a chance to complete their courses online aided by the Open University

BBC4 documentary to mark Open University's 40th birthday
9 Jun 2009: Lenny Henry to front film on adult education service also featuring Sir David Attenborough and Myleene Klass. By John Plunkett

Psychedelia and a second chance
5 May 2009: Pem Charnley on the value of the Open University

Richard Dawkins is more persuasive when he refrains from god-bashing
2 May 2009: His reasoned arguments for the power of natural selection carry more weight than his anti-religious diatribes

British degrees exported to overseas students
16 Apr 2009: Universities tap huge market of students who want prestige of a British degree but cannot afford to come to UK to study
とにかく OUに入って思う存分勉強がしたいです。


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英国国立 オープン・ユニバーシティでのデービッド・キャメロン首相のスピーチ
※YouTube画面右下の YouTube画面右下のCCボタンを押すと、英文が表示されます

(参考) - The Guardian
ガーディアン(The Guardian) - Wikipedia 
インターネットで MBA・修士号を取る
昨年の春断念した中央大学法学部通信教育課程 - 2010入学案内書

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